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  • Rainwater harvesting systems allow us to achieve a sustainable future with better environment.
  • Non-potable (Non-consumption) water can be obtained through rainwater harvesting system and be use for laundry washing, watering plants, car washing, toilet flushing, etc. Substituting municipal water with rainwater for non-potable usage can decrease half the amount of the municipal water used.
  • Roof rainwater only requires little treat prior to non-potable usage. Rainwater is normally contaminated with bacteria and hence not suitable as drinking water.
  • Reduce the amount of your water bill with the use of rainwater harvesting system.
  • Rainwater harvesting is a good form of water supply during water rationing or interruption of water supply.
  • Reducing the chances of flash flood as rainwater harvesting system reduces the rain water
    run-off and thus the system can be formed as a part of the rainwater management scheme.
  • Soft water is obtained through rainwater and is ideal for washing purposes while reducing the amount of detergent used.
  • Rainwater is ideal for plants watering and filling up ponds as it is chlorine free.

Water Demand Graph

Estimated Daily Non-Potable Water Demand