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Our Partner – WISY AG Germany

WISY AG Germany was founded in 1989 by Mr. Norbert Winkler. By inventing and patenting the legendary "filter collector" he laid the foundation for the company that has since evolved into the leading manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems & accessories in the world.

Mr. Norbert Winkler throughout his lifetime had a deep passion & interest in environmental protection; he started to develop a unique filter for the efficient cleaning & collection of rainwater. The "filter collector" operates easily and it cannot be blocked because of its unique design & construction.

Over the intervening years the company’s has undergone tremendous growth & transformation continuously. Beside the filter collector systems WISY AG now provides a large range of system components for rainwater harvesting installations of varying sizes & areas of applications.

From the beginning WISY is not only a manufacturer of innovative rainwater harvesting products but also one of the pioneer & industry leader of the rainwater harvesting industry in Germany and Europe. Over the years WISY AG has contributed tremendously towards the formulation of the German as well as European Guidelines for the promotion & implementation of rainwater harvesting system which has provided a much needed impetus for the rapid adoption of rainwater harvesting system as an integral part of housing design across Germany & Europe.

The Raindrop Award

In 2009 Mr. Norbert Winkler the founder of WISY AG was presented with "The Raindrop Award" by the Professional Association for Process and Rainwater Harvesting (FBR).

This award is given as an honor & recognition by his peers to a man who has contributed tremendously for the protection of our environment without sacrificing his idealism.

WISY AG was presented this award by the water distribution company OVAG that honors its innovative effort in the development of an innovative, low maintenance & user friendly rainwater harvesting for domestic use.