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Rain harvester to be a key feature in future projects in Selangor

Developers in Selangor are supportive of the enforced ruling to have rain harvester (separate water tank) structures for housing and commercial schemes, as it has become a feature that helps sell the units.

State Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said developers have accepted the design in making rain harvesters a common feature of their development.

“Most of the developers realise it acts as a selling point in saving water and preserving the environment.

“Actually 25% of domestic water is flushed down the toilet,” she said.

“It is a waste of expensively-processed potable water, so, that is why Selangor has made it mandatory for all new developments to have rain water-fed toilet flush,” she said after launching the the Petaling Jaya City Council’s World Environment Day at 1Utama shopping mall.

Among the benefits, she said were the rainwater could be re-used for everyday household activities, saving on water bill, reduction in surface run-off (water flowing into drains and storm drains) and prevent flooding.

“More initiatives will be done to preserve our environment like curbing the use of styrofoam packagings and getting people to use biodegradable bags while shopping instead of plastic bags,” added Wong.