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Proposal to give rebates to residents who adopt the green way

THE Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is drawing up a plan under the Petaling Jaya Low- Carbon Green Rebate Assessment Scheme to give rebates of up to RM500 to residents who incorporate energy efficient upgrades or follow a green lifestyle.

Residents who cycle to work get 25% discount and those who install a solar water heater at their homes would also get 25% discount.

Thus they are eligible to a total of 50% discount in annual assessment. Currently, the plan is at a discussion stage and has yet to be approved.

More to gain: By using solar panels in their homes, PJ residents can get 25% rebate in assessment if MBPJ approves its green initiatives.

Five categories — energy, water, household waste products, transport and outdoor landscape — would be taken into account when the plan is implemented.

“We are trying to promote green incentives or eco-friendly policies to reduce the carbon footprint. I believe we have reached a tipping point where the environment is concerned,” said mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman.

“We are serious in engaging the people to become environmentally smarter, through economic incentives.”

“Apart from getting people to go green, we are also putting cash in their pocket through this incentive,” added Roslan.

Big investment: A house in Section 11 in PJ is equipped with rain harversters that help store rain water to be piped into lavatories and even to be used to water plants.

He said that people must make greener choices in all areas of their life, from cycling to the neighbourhood store, driving the right car and making their home energy smart.

“We want residents to learn ways to spend less, save more over a period of time and reduce the negative impact on earth.”

Roslan said people in Petaling Jaya were burning cash every day when they use electric water heaters or water plants with treated water.

Less heat: High roofing and bare red bricks in this double-storey bungalow give the home a cooling effect.

“Now, we want people to think green, like encouraging them to use rain water collected for the plants. This will see our residents saving more,” he said.

Roslan added that the council was still discussing the green initiatives drawn out under the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry’s Low Carbon Cities Framework as a guide to craft out the rebates for the assessment.

“In the first week of June, we had a Green City PJ Task force workshop at Al-Sakinah Eco Resort, Janda Baik where our officers had identified areas to give green incentives in the form of rebates in assessment to home owners, who are environmentally conscious,” he said.

The council had used the legal and voluntary mechanism over a period of time to implement green initiatives but now with the economic incentive, Roslan said it would be easier to draw people to be part of it.

Roslan added that the council would start a pilot project soon where 100 ratepayers would be involved and the whole exercise would be monitored for three-months.

Green take: The gate of this house in Section 11 PJ is made from salvaged metal.

It was learnt that MBPJ would need RM50,000 for the pilot project and the council could obtain the financial resources from the PJ Sustainable Development Trust Fund that was established under the PJ Local Agenda 21.

For verification of homes that have incorporated energy efficient upgrades or residents who lead a green lifestyle, a team of consultants who are professionals in energy, water, green infrastructure, composting, low carbon town planning and energy efficient vehicles, would be appointed.