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  • Collecting, filtering & aerates rainwater at the same time. It comes with a stainless steel mesh/strainer of 0.28mm (WFF100, 150) or 0.38mm (WFF300) which will remove most debris & suspended particles from the rainwater. All Vortex filter systems are compliant to British & Malaysian DID guidelines.
  • Unique German patented design where rainwater is filtered & collected & dirt particles are flushed directly into the drain with excess rainwater.
  • High rainwater collection efficiency. More than 90% collection of the rainwater passing through the filter.
  • Flexible Installation- suitable for above & below ground installation.
  • Robust & durable construction suitable for heavy-duty & outdoor installation. For underground installation WFF300 can withstand vehicles passing on top of the system up to 60t while WFF100 & 150 vehicles for up to 30t.
  • Full cross-sectional diameter of the rain downpipe remains unaltered. Fully compliant to Malaysian DID-MSMA guidelines for rainwater harvesting system.
  • It has self-cleaning properties; with every heavy rainfall, excess water coupled with the force of the vortex will push any leaves & debris caught on the filter mesh straight into the drain. This simple mechanism greatly reduces the need for regular maintenance.
  • Easy access to inspection opening.
Method of Maintenance

(WFF100, WFF150, WFF300)

  • Remove the filter insert with the lifting handle provided (standard length 30cm). Set down the lifting handle.
  • Turn clockwise under the lugs.
  • Pull the lifting handle to remove the filter insert.

Filter Mesh Maintanance Method

It is recommended for the cleaning to be done every 3-4 months. Cleaning at shorter intervals may be necessary in unfavorable cases; in favorable cases, it is to be done after 6-12 months.

Minimum maintenance is required as the system is not prone to breakdown. However, the rainwater collection efficiency will depends on the condition of the filter insert.

After cleaning the filter insert make sure to remove the lifting handle and store it in a safe place. Otherwise, the handle will reduce the effectiveness of the water flow.

Cleaning in dishwasher is recommended, provided the filter insert is placed in the same position in the dishwasher as it is in the WFF. Cleaning by hand is also possible with a small brush, hot water and a normal dishwashing liquid. For tenacious soiling of the filter mesh (e.g. through industrial pollution in the neighborhood) the use of a high pressure cleaner is advised.)