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The rainwater coming from the roof through the downpipe is drawn through the vertically placed stainless steel filter insert by adhesion forces; it is then led through the outlet to the rainwater storage tank.

Because of the German patented unique construction, the dirt particles are rinsed directly into the drtain with the remaining rainwater. More than 90% of the water passing through the filter collector is filtered and collected by this principle.

Method of Maintenance

Filter Collector Maintenance

Minimal mainetnance of the FS/GRS First Flush filter collector is required. The internal filter mesh is a vertical type of filter; therefore very little debris willo remain trapped on the mesh surface. This is enhanced further by the self-cleaning properties which washes away all the remaining debris on the filter mesh with the next heavy rainfall. However, over a period of time, depending on the roofing material and area of collection, a thin coating forms on the filter element. This has little effect on the water flow but it is recommended to maintain the filter twice a year to maintain the rainwater collection efficiency

Filter Mesh Maintanance Method

1.To take out the filter mesh- first, remove the filter collector outlet (4) pipe connection.
2.Slide up the upper housing (1) at the downpipe by approximately 10cm.
3.Lift out the filter casing (2) from the lower pipe. Take out the filter mesh and clean it using garden hose, High pressure cleaner or sponge. Do not brush it with rough material as itwill damage the strainer.
4.Install back to the downpipe. The unit can be use straight away after cleaning.