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The design of the Rain Aid is to be connected to the main water supply of a rainwater collection tank. During any event whereby usage of water is greater than rainfall, this design enables a back up of supply of water for the user. At the same time it also enables maximum storage of water during the next rainfall. If rainwater is insufficient for usage, a switch will automatically switch on the main water for the user.

  • Maintains minimum water level for uninterrupted water supply
  • Simple to install. No Electrical supply required
  • Min. Inlet pressure 8psi, Max. inlet pressure 150psi
  • Maintains regulatory “air-gap” to separate rainwater & municipal water supply
  • Watermark approved
  • New Zealand patent No. 535912

Initial Check

Every 6 months it is recommended to check that the valve functions correctly.

  • Gently push the lever down and the valve will open.
  • Release the lever.
  • When the weight is submerged, (allow 5 minutes) The valve should close.
  • If the valve fails to shut completely, it may be necessary to clean, service or replace it.

Cleaning Procedure

  • Remove the entire valve from the tank.
  • Unscrew
  • Remove the diaphragm, backing plate and large spring.
  • Thoroughly clean and check all components for wear and cracks.
  • If any damaged part is found, obtain a repair kit or replace the valve.

Reassembly Procedure

  • Place the diaphragm into the backing plate.
  • Place this assembly into the body.
  • Check to ensure that the lip seal on the diaphragm is perfectly round.
  • Lubricate the jet centre slide stem and diaphragm lip seal using silicone grease.
  • Push the large spring into the cap with an anti-clockwise twisting motion to retain it in the groove.
  • Screw the cap assembly back into place and retighten the cap.
  • The flat side of the cap MUST line up with the outlet.
  • Refit the valve and test as initial check above.