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The PumpBuddy valve is an inlet control device which allws for variable minimum and maximum water level settings within a rainwater tank. It will provide a back-up supply of water in the event of demand exceeding rainfall, whilst ensuring maximum rainwater storage at the next rainfall. It will automatically switches rainwater to mains water in the event of rainwater demand exceeding rain supply.

  • Maintains minimum water level for uninterrupted water supply
  • Reduces pump run time (save electricity)
  • Simple to install. No Electrical supply required
  • Min. Inlet pressure 8psi, Max. inlet pressure 150psi
  • Maintains regulatory “air-gap” to separate rainwater & municipal water supply
  • Watermark approved
  • New Zealand patent No. 535912

Initial Check

  • Every 6 months it is recommended to check that the valve functions correctly.
  • Gently push the lever down and the valve will open.
  • Release the lever.
  • When the weight is submerged, (allow 5 minutes) The valve should close.
  • If the valve fails to shut completely, it may be necessary to clean, service or replace it.

Cleaning Procedure

  • Remove the entire valve from the tank.
  • Unscrew
  • Remove the diaphragm, backing plate and large spring.
  • Thoroughly clean and check all components for wear and cracks.
  • If any damaged part is found, obtain a repair kit or replace the valve.

Reassembly Procedure

  • Place the diaphragm into the backing plate.
  • Place this assembly into the body.
  • Check to ensure that the lip seal on the diaphragm is perfectly round.
  • Lubricate the jet centre slide stem and diaphragm lip seal using silicone grease.
  • Push the large spring into the cap with an anti-clockwise twisting motion to retain it in the groove.
  • Screw the cap assembly back into place and retighten the cap.