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  • The floating suction filter is designed to draw water from the cleanest point in the tank (10-15cm below the water surface).
  • It increases the working safety of the whole rainwater installation. Abrasion of pump sets is reduced together with contamination of valves in the case of suction in self-priming pump system.

There are two types of floating suction filters :

  • Floating Fine Suction Filters (SAFF)

    Suitable for water extraction from water cisterns without any pre-cleaning in the system.

    Mesh size : 0.3mm
  • Floating Coarse Suction Filters (SAGF)

    For the extraction of clean, already filtered, rainwater out of cisterns and other tanks.

    Mesh size : 1.2mm

The floating ball allows the water intake point to rise and fall with the water level and ensures that water is extracted from the cleanest part of the tank. The filter unit prevents the suction of water from the layer of scrum (fatty and small dirt particles) floating on the surface as well as the suction of sand and heavy particles from the bottom sediment level.