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BACFREE ® is a well known and reputed water filter distributors with British Technology. Since our establishment in 1982, our company have been providing premier water filtration service and system to our customers in Malaysia.

BACFREE ® is a water filter and waste water treatment solution supplier to our customers of various industry such as the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our range of comprehensive water systems serves the needs of our customers with unique and innovative design and construction for a better performing of water systems. We also provide our customers with solutions in of process and design engineering, design-construction-implementation, operations and operator training, instrumentation and control, and treatability assessments, including piloting and field testing at full scale.

BACFREE ® strives in pursuing our corporate goal in bringing excellent water filtration technology in our products and services. With this, we aim to provide value added advantage to our customers, staffs and business partners. This goes well to our company pledge which is:

”To continue adopting our knowledge and skills on engineering and technology by selecting the best housing and filter medium. We shall not compromise the quality of our product with the health of our customers with non-conforming materials as well as delivering any false claims.”

“To continue to serve and provide advice to our valuable customers with pure knowledge”