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Welcome to BACFREE!

Discover more of healthy drinking water and water treatment systems through BACFREE. Established since year 1982, BACFREE has gained much recognition in the field of water filter supply.

We offer products which are highly beneficial to our customers, bringing them a healthier lifestyle and yet cost saving. Our water treatment and water system supplies have gone through multiple analysis and testing to ensure its safety of use.

Our customers are both from the household and commercial sector. Products such as water filter and rain water harvesting system are increasingly popular and in demand by our customers. People are targeting on healthier drinking water and we aim to provide our customers with the products that will fulfil to their requirements. BACFREE has many water filter products and water systems to cater to our customers.

Besides water for consumption, our company also offers the rain water harvesting system which is also known as rain water recycling. With rain water treated in a special way, users can now enjoy more water supplies for their daily usage in a more cost effective manner. The system serves both purposes as being environmental friendly and cost saving.

BACFREE is always concern and ready to serve our customers in terms of water solutions. We have developed a team of experts and professionals who are operating all the necessary research and development of our products.